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The Month of Love


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February might just be the Month of Love as we see it.

There is of course Valentines Day, it is engagement season, some couples are celebrating their wedding day, just all things love!!

So in honor of the Month of Love we’ve partnered with Kelli Avila Photography for a #HSSRGivesLove Giveaway on Instagram! We want to hear YOUR love story for the chance to win an engagement or boudoir photo session with Kelli. For instructions and to enter the giveaway, visit our Instagram page @historicsevensycamores and view the GIVEAWAY highlight stories. We’re also celebrating the #monthoflove with a #HSSRLoveStory series on our Facebook Page, so be sure to follow along!

Bob & Ann were the first to share their love story at Historic Seven Sycamores, so it only felt fitting to tell theirs first.

Ann and I met in 1949 as Freshmen at Visalia Union High School. I was your typical “country boy” my folks, wisely, thought that I should learn some social graces and take a Ballroom Dancing course. It was in this very class where I first met Ann. During our high school years we were classmates and friends, and went on a few dates.  

After Graduation, we went our separate ways and grew apart. I went off to Cal Poly where I double majored in AG Journalism and Animal Husbandry. After my college graduation in 1953 I moved to Oregon where I established a life, family and career in the public relations industry. For 50 years I called Oregon home.

In 1972, my father passed and I began helping my mother manage our family citrus farm from Oregon. Though I will never be the farmher he was, I am so very proud that I was able to follow in my father’s footsteps.

I attended our high school reunion in 1989, where I saw Ann again for the first time since our high school graduation. For us in high school it was friendship at first sight, but at the reunion, it was much more serious.

After reconnecting at the reunion, Ann and I started our long distance dating. As is any relationship, it was difficult to be apart. Luckily, helping my mother manage the farm brought me home and close to Ann once a month.

My mother passed away in 2002, this is when I moved back to my home in Ivanhoe to manage the farm full time. I was happy and relieved to finally be living so close to Ann. I proposed to Ann during a trip in San Francisco in 2006 at Fleur de Lys, a French restaurant in the city near Union Square.  

As many of you already know, Ann and I hosted our wedding in the backyard of my parents home, Seven Sycamores Ranch in 2007. We built our home together just across the street from the venue in 2007 and have loved witnessing the love stories of so many beautiful wedding days at Historic Seven Sycamores. At the start of our marriage, Ann and I took many amazing trips. Our favorite was traveling Europe in 2010. We started in England and over the course of a few weeks visited 11 countries and ended our travels in France.

But my very favorite time spent with Ann is our current season of life. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to care for her after an automobile accident in 2019, cancer, pneumonia and the beginning of memory loss.


If you’re not crying, I am. We love sharing Bob’s sweet love story that began back in grade school. P.S. he loves weddings, so if you want to send him an invitation to yours: 32988 Road 164, Ivanhoe, CA 93235.

Remember to enter to win the #HSSRGivesLove Giveaway on Instagram and follow along the #HSSRLoveStory series on our Facebook Page!!


photography: Kelli Avila

author: Elise Anderson


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