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Five Reasons You Should Elope


What used to be a taboo way of celebrating a marriage, has become a trendy way to wed. Today, elopements come in all shapes and sizes. Some are celebrated in far away places, others on the steps of City Hall or in the backyard of a home. We’ve seen elopements of just the two or up to 50 guests. No matter the scenery or size, there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to celebrate your wedding day as an elopement – and here are our Top Five:

The Cost

The cost of a wedding is largely dependent on the location, however on average a wedding in the United States exceeds $30,000. In California, there are five different locations listed in the top 25 regions that spend OVER the average wedding cost! So if you are not looking to spend that kind of cash on wedding day, and don’t want to walk in to City Hall to be married, you may consider an intimate elopement ceremony at Historic Seven Sycamores!

The Stress

It’s no secret that wedding planning can be costly, time consuming and stressful – so much so that there is a career and full-time job for it, they call it a wedding planner. If you don’t have the budget to hire one of these blessings they call a wedding planner, or are already anxious just thinking about the process, you should consider eloping.

You Don’t Have Time

Whatever your story might be, for one reason or another you may be short on time. Maybe your fiance is in the service, you have limited time or dates off from work, or you just want to be married already! Eloping is a quick option in a time crunch, and you’ll still have the opportunity for a large reception or vow renewal later in life.

The Guest List

If you already have anxiety thinking about the rather large list of family you’ll have to invite to your big wedding, you might want to elope? Planning an elopement, you can still invite your family and close friends – but have an excuse not to invite those questionable family members, coworkers or unpredictable friends. You’ll have a more intimate gathering of those closest to you, and not have to worry about the stress.   

The Specialness of Just You and Yours

At a traditional wedding, couples often find that it is hard to be in the moment. It’s typically loud, fast paced, and filled with guests constantly coming up to take a picture with or talk to you. Elopements allow for more time with just the two of you, giving you the opportunity to really soak in all of the memories, emotions and special moments of your wedding day.  

Are you starting to picture your elopement wedding? Let us help create that vision at Historic Seven Sycamores. Schedule a tour with one of our Coordinators using this calendar link!


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