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Bridal Beauty Series: Part Two


Everything Your Hair & Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

guest author: Emily Barton of Designed Elegance


There are a few things I think every bride should know before booking a glam squad for their wedding day.

First and foremost, your wedding day is not the time to allow “a friend” who happens to be good at hair and/or makeup to doll you up for the most important day of your life. Unless this friend happens to also be a professional in the industry, make sure you go with someone who specializes in weddings and has some significant time of experience with brides. Quality products also play a huge role in this. Professionals have invested in quality products and tools to ensure that your look will last all day.



When researching a hair and makeup artist, pay attention to the artist’s style and photos of their actual work. If you are wanting a soft natural makeup look, ask yourself if the work samples of the makeup artist are similar to the vision that you have in your head. Same goes with hair. If you are wanting a specific hairstyle,  look to see if the artist has photos of something they have done in the past that is similar. Pinterest is often helpful for finding hair and makeup inspiration, however, if the photos are not pictures of the artist’s actual work then it is possible you could be disappointed when the styles don’t quite match up.




Most brides do not take into consideration that the majority of the morning and early afternoon on their wedding day is spent with the hair and makeup artist. When looking for a hair and makeup artist, make sure you like their personality and professionalism. You want someone who is calm and orderly that can keep a schedule and keep you and your girls on track, but still knows how to have a great time!



I cannot recommend it enough, do a trial run with your stylist! This not only helps you really nail down what you actually like on yourself but it also helps the stylist get to know you, your hair and your skin. It is common that a bride will find a picture of the look they are going for, and when the stylist does a practice run, the bride decides that she doesn’t actually like that look on her (she just likes it in the photo). You don’t want to discover on your wedding day that you don’t like a certain hairstyle or makeup look on yourself. Take the time (and don’t be afraid to put the money) into your trial run beforehand so on your wedding day you feel confident and excited about the look you are getting.



photos by Simply Smith of May 2017 Leal Wedding

guest author: Emily Barton

My name is Emily Barton, owner of Designed Elegance. I have been doing hair and airbrushed makeup for weddings and special events for 10 years now, specializing in the wedding industry, and have had the honor to be apart of over 300 weddings! I am a self-taught artist who fell in love with the industry after I did my best friends and sister’s wedding. After my first wedding, hair and makeup became something I was passionate about and is what launched my business, Designed Elegance by Emily Barton.


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